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Have you ever asked yourself what the best purpose of rain gutters are?

To help you understand the essence of a gutter system, picture rain pouring on a roof without gutters. Where do you think rainwater would end up? Of course, directly on the soil that surrounds your house. You might not feel the gravity of missing gutters now but wait until these consequences occur:

  • Water starts pooling and leaks into your basement
  • Soil erosion ruins your landscape
  • Siding gets damaged
  • Your stone masonry gets stained
  • Mold growth that results from water getting into the house
  • The Components of a Gutter System

Just like any part of your home, gutters consist of certain parts that play a role in water collection and diversion. Knowing these components helps you appreciate the value that gutters provide:

Gutter section

This refers to the horizontal gutter material that attaches to your home. A gutter section can be made of various materials – from vinyl to copper to aluminum.


The downspout starts from the gutter section and ends at the base of your house. It is an enclosed pipe where water drains. It can be cylindrical or rectangular in shape.


Hangers are the support systems of gutters. These can be standard hangers, heavy-duty hangers, K style hangers, and more.

Gutter Guards

Typically made of stainless steel, gutter guards screen out debris that would clog your gutters. Leaves, nests, twigs, and other materials accumulate in the gutters over time. They make it hard for rainwater to pass through freely.

Downspout extension

Extensions are not really a main component of gutters although they’re extremely helpful. Attached to the end of the downspout, an extension controls the flow of water so that it empties into a specific area. That area should not be near your foundation.

Gutter Repair Can Keep Your Gutters in Great Condition Throughout the Year

If you are like most homeowners, you hardly ever think about the gutters of your home until the rain and snow starts coming down. It is only then that we quickly realize just how crucial these unassuming structures are.

The experts at Battle Born Gutters can inspect your guttering and carry out the necessary repairs and maintenance to ensure that it is in top-notch condition and fully functional throughout the year.


Why Gutters Are Important for Every Home

The negative effects of not installing gutters we just mentioned may already give you an idea about the best purpose of a gutter.
But let’s dive into each one below.

5 Reasons to Choose Battle Born Gutters


Rain gutters protect the longevity of the foundation of your house, over time water coming off your roof snowmelt starts to erode the foundation of your house, leaving its structure damaged and very expensive to fix

Rain gutters protect the painting of your house. New paint, why ruin it by letting mineral rainwater to mold. Crack and discolor your facia boards and side walls.

Rain gutters protect icicles from forming, cause your front entrance way to be a very hazardous place for young kids to play at. One icicle can cause major damage if falling on a person

For elderly, rain gutters divert water away from your concrete tops so water during the winter is minimized reducing chances of falling on ice build ups around your house.

Leaf guards protect your gutters from blockage, making sure your gutters flow without any obstructions, also leaf guards make it to where you never have to get on a ladder, and save you time and labor, reducing the upkeep of your gutters to none.
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Custom Products Built for Your Needs

Commercial & Residential rain gutters designed to endure the extreme weather of the Reno & Sparks areas. Our Rain Gutters are designed to stand the test of time.

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Expert One-Day Installation Services

Your time is valuable, and we respect your busy schedule by having our installers get in and out in less than a day. We pride ourselves on excellent service.

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Highly Competitive Warranty Options

We believe in the benefits of the custom rain gutters we provide, which is why we offer a 15-year product warranty with every single new installation.