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1. Rain Chains Are Pretty To Visitors

Downspouts are meant to be camouflaged while chains were designed to be showcased. There are many designs and themes to choose from to add charm and character to your outdoor space

2. Affordable

Most customers are led to believe Rain chains are expensive because of how pretty they are. This is far from the truth. Rain chains are reasonably priced and can improve your homes wow factor.

3. Lower chance of getting clogged

It’s hard to believe something this aesthetically pleasing could be so functional. When you have normal downspout debris like leaves and dirt will build up in the downspout which will lead to water build-up. With the rain chain, there is no space for stuff to get clogged, water will move freely through the rain chain.

4. Natural water sound

When water is pouring down a normal downspout the creates a clunky sound as the water rushes down the spout. What we chains are very popular because they were specifically designed to create beautiful sounds when water flows down the Chain. Rain chains make for the perfect calm sound to relax out in your yard.

BattleBorn Gutters offer both rain chains and normal downspouts. If you are interested or have any questions. Call us at 775-544-5717