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What is Drip Edge? Is it important?

Drip edges are among the top ways to control moisture, but what exactly is the purpose of a drip edge? If a building does not have a drip edge, water can damage your siding, porch, roofing and even your basement. Continue reading to learn more about what drip edge can do for your house.

What is Drip Edge?

A drip edge is a piece of flashing that is installed over the of the building fascia boarded and under the roof. The purpose is to redirect water from your fascia and into the gutters. Once the gutter collects the water it then carries the water away. Without drip edge water can run directly down the fascia, making the boards wet which will lead to rotting.

Why Do I Need Drip Edge?

If you are interested in protecting your home you should consider having drip edge installed

1. Protecting your roof from ice dams:

Ice dams are created by ice that collects and freezes on the edge of your roof. Ice dams prevent the snow from thawing and draining. The moisture will be trapped on your roof. This will lead to added weight and may cause wood rotting.

2. Prevents fascia and soffit damage

A drip edge will redirect water from your roof into your gutters. If a roof’s soffit and fascia are exposed they will be damaged from the moisture.

3. Stabilizing your Roof:

The biggest benefit you should not ignore is the edging can help stabilize your roofing during strong wind and rain storms.

How BattleBorn Gutters is protecting your home?

Oftentimes when we are called out for leaky gutters it is due to the building not having a drip edge. When a house has a gutter system but no drip metal more times than not water will leak from behind preventing the gutters from doing their job. Call us today to schedule a free inspection. We proudly serve northern Nevada with the highest quality products.